splash_temp_arrowIf it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

Well my view is that in the context of being a member of multiple sites by the same owner, email newsletters are broken!

If you’re a member of more than one of my sites, maybe you’re happy getting an email per site. Or maybe you’d rather get all mails from my sites under one ‘subscription’?

Maybe by the time I’ve finished this, you won’t really notice the difference.


The truth is, I want to change how I manage emails so that I can be more efficient, write better targeted emails, and hopefully give you, my loyal subscribers, a better experience.

One simple example: you’re a member of more than one of my sites and I decide I’ve got something generic to say. Ordinarily, I’d have to compose an email to each site’s list and send it, meaning you get the same email several times.

By using my new strategy, you’ll only be signed up once – and unsubscribing will unsubscribe you from everything at once. But before you think, “oh great”, in time, you’ll need to be on my list to log into my sites. Why? Because I’m not prepared to have members of my sites that I can’t reliably email. That’s not because I want to force you to get all my emails. But if I have an important message about say, VitalViralPro that I need to be as sure as I can that you read, I don’t want some members to not be subscribed and then send in support tickets because something’s not working the way it used to. Without wanting to sound like a control freak, if you want to be a member, you’re going to need to be on the list to be able to log in so that at the very least, I can send important, site related messages.

That said,  I’m sure you’ll have a lot less reason to want to unsubscribe because you’ll be able to select with some precision, which kind of emails you want to receive.

And I’m calling it Marketing Menu for two reasons:

  • It’ll become my only newsletter. I’ll send about all kinds of topics and like a menu, I don’t expect you to be interested in every edition. Like a menu, choose from what you like, ignore the rest
  • More importantly, you’ll have a ‘menu’ of topics you can choose to be informed about – or not. So while there will be a core newsletter that you can’t opt out of (not while you’re a member of one or more sites), you will be able to opt in or out of specific topics

Aweber and AW Pro Tools

I have about 40 lists in my aweber account, many are kind of obsolete now but I still have a lot that are active. So maybe you were a prospect for VitalViralPro at one time, so you’ll be on one newsletter. Then you may have joined, so you’re added to another. Then you might have unsubscribed from the VitalViralPro main newsletter and now I can’t contact you as a member.

It’s messy and inefficient.

As a project, this might be of interest to those of you who use Aweber. Aweber introduced campaigns some time ago, maybe a couple of years. Campaigns are standalone sequences of messages that can be triggered by different actions. I won’t go into too much detail now, maybe I’ll do a separate blog post some time.

Members on the main list can be opted in and out of one or more campaigns. Although Aweber provides a mechanism for members of a list to optin, it needs to be done by filling in another signup form, which isn’t exactly intuitive or user friendly.

That’s where AW Pro Tools comes in. Using AWPT you can create simple links that tag a subscriber for one or more campaigns. So in an email, you might see a link that simply says, click here to find out more about xyz and hey presto, you’ll receive the campaign about xyz until it finishes. There can be a ‘drop this topic’ link too.

I can’t change everything over instantly and it’s a learning exercise for me too so it’s something that’s going to evolve. I can’t write all the campaigns I need overnight either.


My hope is that you’ll start to see some really neat features as everything becomes integrated.


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