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Welcome to my special offers page.

I often promote things that I think will be of value to you and think it’s only fair that if you join a program that I’m promoting, that you get something in return from me.

My offers are not huge bundles of ‘stuff’ that you’ll probably never even unzip, much less use or read. I offer periods of upgraded membership in one or more of my membership sites such as VitalViralPro

So for Adchiever, this is what I’m offering:

If you join for free, I’ll give you 1 month premium membership in VitalViralPro. Using VitalViralPro you can actually track the performance of your campaigns and so it’s a perfect complement (along with ViralMailProfits) for anyone using mailers and safelists. Simply send a support ticket to VitalViralPro quoting your adchiever username and quoting this reference: BLOG_ADCHIEVER.

If you upgrade (any of the options) then I’ll upgrade you for 3 months at VitalViralPro. If you’re not a member then just join using the link above. If you’re already a member then I’ll either upgrade you (if you’re not already) or I’ll send you the equivalent amount so that you effectively get the appropriate period free. The 3 month offer only stands if you upgrade in Adchiever right away, not some time down the line.

So Why Should I join Adchiever?

Adchiever signup

Well, adchiever is a little different from other mailers and I believe it’s significant. When you join a mailer, there are lots of things you should consider. I mean ultimately you want it to be effective – that goes without saying. But there’s a lot more to understanding and predicting how effective a mailer is going to be than you’d think.

One of the main factors is how responsive the mailer is – how many people click on the credit links so they see your site.

People obviously need an incentive to click. With most mailers, the incentive is to earn credits. But with Adchiever there is another powerful incentive – achievement points!

Members can earn their way up the achievement points ladder, earning themselves various benefits like the ability to mail extra members, the ability to get free upgrades for a period of time and more. This incentive (that costs you nothing) motivates the people receiving your email to click on it – and that is the first step to them seeing your site and maybe taking action – if they don’t even click on the credit link, the chance of a result is zero.

We all know that clicking on the credit link is one thing but it’s whether they take any action on your site that’s important, right (that’s why I’m bundling the VitalViralPro premium membership – because using VitalViralPro, you can measure beyond someone just hitting your site – even if you don’t own the site you’re promoting).



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    Stumbled across your blog and this cracked me up! My kitchen stuff is organized with OCD-like accuracy. Somebody once gave me a mug that wasn’t like my set of mugs, and I was so confused as to where to put it.

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