The Pledge of Professionalism is an idea inspired by a blog post by Seth Godin.

It’s a commitement you make to yourself that will maximise the chance of you succeeding in your goals. Come back and read it as often as you need to.


I understand that I don’t have to wait until I am professional to behave professionally. Therefore I will do what a professional would do and so:

I hereby pledge to take responsibility for my future. I will take my business seriously; it may be part-time and my financial security may not depend on it right now but I will act as if it does. Whatever my ambitions, I will treat this as a business, not a hobby.

I will have a written plan, goals and a mission statement. I will set myself short and long-term objectives and I’ll revise my day-to-day activities to do my best to keep to that plan. I’ll adapt my plan as I grow – it doesn’t have to be perfect day one.

I will invest in myself (though learning) and my business (through at least some financial investment) and not make excuses for not being able to do so. I will not expect to take something out of a business that I put nothing in to.

I commit to investing ___ hours a week into action on my business and ___ hours a week into learning.



At any point in time I will take action, doing my best given my knowledge and skills at that time. I will seek to continuously improve my chances by adding to my knowledge and skills rather than relying on chance and foolishly expecting success to happen by itself.

I accept that some things may be difficult for me to master, may require concentration and dedication and a willingness to study and practice but master them I must; because without those skills, I significantly reduce my chance of success.

I take responsibility for my own results, I will seek advice from others but responsibility still rests with me, not them.

I will behave, not as if I’m alone and no-one can see me but as if I’m acting in front of my peers; therefore I will do things properly and responsibly and with integrity.

If something doesn’t work the way I hoped, I will analyse what went wrong and take responsibility rather than blame outside influences or other people.

I am free to choose my strategy for financial freedom but I accept that if I refuse to even try to master certain key, fundamental skills I will have no-one to blame but myself if I never achieve my goals.


And finally:

I will resist the temptation to keep changing strategy in pursuit of an easier one. I will put the necessary work and learning in to fully commit to something and give it a fair try before I decide it’s not for me. I will not deviate from my current path, however tough it seems, just because I see something that promises to be less work or more exciting. I will NOT expect success to come easy or to be handed to me on a plate.

I understand that success is almost certain if I continue to take action and continuously seek to improve; failure is equally likely if I do only those tasks that are in my comfort zone and refuse to even try to do those that aren’t. I know that things that are currently outside my comfort zone will soon be within if I just learn and practice. My comfort zone will expand as I progress.

I have absolute confidence that if I do the right things and do them enough, I will succeed. I have no excuse for not doing at least that.

When appropriate I will help others as others have helped me.









One Response to “Pledge Of Professionalism (PoP)”

  1. Bud Fields

    Howdy, neighbor! :)

    It’s been a while. I’ve been offline dealing with medical issues. I came back near the end of October, so
    I’m getting “re-trained” to the new internet reality before me.

    Regarding your Pledge of Professionalism:

    A. I’d love to copy it and feature it on my primary websites. If it is your permission I require (and I presume that it is), could I have it to do this?
    B. So far as I am concerned, this should go viral (speaking of Viral anything!).
    C. Our work is difficult, slow, and promising toward the future. You have, in my professional and personal opinion, “walked the talk” this Pledge enunciates. I have never heard a bad word about you (and we know there are primary players who seem to make a living from denegrating others in our work), nor have I ever had one singe negative interaction with you in business. Congratulations for doing the difficult thing so very, very well.

    Best Regards,

    M. B. “Bud” Fields, Jr. DMA

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