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EasyDownlines is a downline builder and training system. The system is so simple that you could use it to make money with no training at all. But the program also includes all the training you need to really build a decent income from it.

All you have to do essentially is promote it like you’d promote any program – in traffic exchanges, mailers, list builders, mailing your list, social networks.

You can join for free and still make income but your income potential is of course higher if you upgrade.

Inside the program are two main sections:

  • The downline builder
  • The training

The downline builder is in sections:

  • Traffic exchanges
  • List builders
  • Money making programs

The ideal is that you’re a member of each of these programs already or that you join them all. However, there’s no pressure or obligation to join any programs – it’s just that the more programs you’re a member of, the more you’ll benefit when you promote the system.

That’s because when you promote EasyDownlines and people join, they’ll (generally) want to maximize the potential of the system just like you do. So while they may not join every program, they may well join some.

The neat thing is that when they join, they join through your referral link (assuming you entered one).

The balance of programs in the downline builder is really well thought out because it has a few programs that are great for building good residual incomes when you build a downline (they’re multilevel too – a big advantage, more on that in a while!) and it has programs that are great for promotion.

As I say, running the business couldn’t be simpler – you just promote one of the supplied pages and get referrals. Those referrals join EasyDownlines and then many will join one or more of the contained programs under you.

Both you and your referrals have the benefit of the excellent training too. So while the business is simple and most people won’t really need the training, you can be safe in the knowledge that if you bring in a complete ‘newbie’, all you have to do is welcome them and guide them towards the training.

How You Earn Money

Now to expand the concept a little…

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock since you got online you’ll know that building your own list is ‘crucial’ – that’s what gurus tell you.

But there is a learning curve, there is a cost (though the returns more than make up for the cost) and there is a need to write emails. In my experience many people just won’t take that leap – they don’t want to build that way.

Truth is it isn’t essential, you don’t have to do it to make money – and in certain circumstances it may not be the best way for you! No-one tells you that!

Here’s the problem with not building your own list: if you promote program X and get a referral, generally you can’t get that referral to join other programs under you. Sometimes that’s because program X doesn’t give you their email address or allow you to contact them.

If you’re building a list then you would not have signed up that person to a specific program, you’d have signed them up to your list with a lead capture page that said something like, “Sign up here for my free gift and newsletter on getting great results from traffic exchanges” – whatever.

Once they’re on your list you can introduce them to any number of programs so you get much more leverage from signing them up to a list.

However, if you promote a downline builder you get a similar leverage because the person is likely to join multiple programs under you, just like if they’d joined your list.

And you could argue that because EasyDownlines has the training, the site – all things you couldn’t (presumably) do for yourself then you’re actually better off because you’re offering them something more powerful than you could do just by signing them up to your list.

And there’s a further benefit – something else that actually makes this arguably better than building your own list:

If you were building your own list with the intention of getting your signups to join multiple programs, you’d have to provide the training (depending on the individual programs and how much training they have). By promoting EasyDownlines that training is built in to the system !!

For many people, promoting a good downline builder may well be better than building their own list!

What that means is that EasyDownlines will probably duplicate far better than you could achieve yourself.

That is a major benefit of EasyDownlines.

So, back to how you make money:

You can choose to join some of the more business-like programs in EasyDownlines – the ones that earn serious residual commissions. As you promote EasyDownlines some of your referrals will join those programs.

So let’s say you join TrafficWave. You promote EasyDownlines and get 5 referrals. One of those referrals (Bob) also joins TrafficWave and upgrades – you now get commissions. And with TrafficWave being a multilevel program, if Bob introduces referrals to EasyDownlines and some of those upgrade in TrafficWave, you’ll earn from those members too.

And that’s just one program within EasyDownlines

Some of the other programs that aren’t out and out money programs – like traffic exchanges – can also make you money. While you may not make a huge amount from these, what you will do is quickly cover the cost of your upgrade.

This is something I teach as a strategy elsewhere – the concept of upgrading in all your traffic exchanges but covering the cost by having enough upgraded referrals. And it’s not as difficult as it sounds but with EasyDownlines it’s virtually automatic and guaranteed provided you just keep promoting EasyDownlines.


If you’re a member of ClickBank (it’s free to sign up) then you’ll find that you may make commissions from product sales to your referrals. I’ll explain where this comes in shortly when I talk about the autoresponders.


The real reason this will work so well at earning you money is the sheer simplicity.

All you have to do is keep promoting EasyDownlines and let the system take care of ‘funneling’ your referrals into the various programs.


Remember the example of Bob joining TrafficWave but some of your other referrals don’t? Let’s say Sue joined EasyDownlines but didn’t want to join TrafficWave. She doesn’t enter an ID for TrafficWave. But suppose she now brings in referrals to EasyDownlines. If one of those referrals does want to join TrafficWave, guess whose link they join through? That’s right – yours!!!

So actually you couldn’t care less whether your referrals join particular programs or not so long as they do promote EasyDownlines. Because if they join, you gain; If they don’t, you still gain – your link will be visible to that referral’s referrals, down as many levels as there are people that didn’t join – if you can follow that.

Autoresponder Messages

Although you can promote the EasyDownlines site directly or you could promote a splash page for it, the best way is to promote the lead capture pages. This is an opt-in form so all the prospect does is fill in their name and email to get more information.

However, once they do that, they will then be followed up in the future and if they join at any point in the future, they’ll be your referral.

If you upgrade you’re allowed to add your own autoresponder code so that they go onto your list!! Talk about best of both worlds!!

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