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About Monthly Membership Sites

Some peoples’ business model is one of using PLR (Private Label Rights) products that they can spin into their own product, own website, own backend offers etc in a relatively short time (maybe days, not weeks) and then rinse and repeat. They might be great at doing the spinning, not so great at the ideas research and the initial product creation.

This is where a monthly content membership site is great. The site does all the research and releases a number of new PLR ‘products’ every month that the members can then spin in any way, shape or form they want.

Below are the two best sites:


One of the original and best niche content sites. Every month you get semi-exclusive access to PLR products, sales pages, graphics – everything you need to turn into your own custom product. You even get the autoresponder follow-up messages. If you want to gain experience at creating a product and selling it, this is a great place to start. $67 might sound steep but that’s less than $35 per complete product – and how many do you think you can sell?

Link : http://nicherevolution.com

Price : $67 / mo


Nicheology membership

Nicheology is another great site.

With Nicheology you get 6 products monthly. Each product has a product info sheet telling you about the market, competitors, PPC bid amounts, possible partners and so on.

Link : Nicheology

Price : $29.99


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