Rule 2 – stick to a daily routine

The reason ClixZing duplicates so well is that it’s simple – even simpler now I provide you with a single link ( that you can use to pass to your referrals when you send them a welcome message. No need for you to try to explain anything – just send them the link and encourage them to read and to pass the link on to their referrals as they get them.

A multi-level business will either grow exponentially or it will fizzle out and it usually comes down to how simple the duplication is.

Therefore, one aim of these ClixZing articles is to outline what your daily routine should be. Stick to it and your income will grow exponentially. If you don’t bother or try to do things differently and you don’t get exponential growth then there’s not much anyone can do or say :-)

This is not your sponsor/upline trying to get you to do massive work to help us get wealthy. It’s about ensuring that everyone in the team has access to the same info, knows what to do and more importantly is able to pass that system on to their referrals (and they’ll do the same) – the importance of that principle cannot be over-stressed!! The amount of what you do is entirely up to you and how fast you want your business to grow. But the what you do is primarily just two things:

  • Click your PTC ad allowance daily – 10-20 mins
  • Promote your referral link – as much as you want – the amount of time you choose to spend on this will determine how fast your business grows. It’s the accelerator of your ‘vehicle’.

That’s it. 10 minutes or so of clicking and as much time as you want promoting. Once you see your downline start to grow and you see how powerful this is, you’ll definitely decide for yourself that you’re going to push this hard – but it’s not for me to tell you to do that, you have to have the drive, motivation and determination.

Remember, as in any multi-level program where the growth is exponential, the first few days or even a week or so will seem slow. But once you pick up some referrals on level 1 and they get active, and then those level 1s refer some level 2s – you’ll soon see the power of duplication and exponential growth.

So, I’ve covered the outline of what you need to do to make the business work – next I’ll cover the how.

This is perfect for a business – the daily routine should be simple. And the sooner you start, the quicker you’ll realise just how simple and rewarding that daily routine will be – provided you pass on these articles to everyone you introduce and stress to them how important it is to follow them.

Don’t forget – if you’re free and you intend to work this business it’s a no-brainer that you should at least upgrade to the bronze level ($4.95/mo)

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