If you’re a FREE member in Clixzing, you’re losing out! Fact.


Well, bronze membership, the minimum paid membership is only $4.95 a month. For that you get 12 ads to click on instead of 6 and at $0.02 instead of $0.01. Thats $0.24 a day, or $7.44 a month! That easily covers your month membership fee and still leaves you in profit just from your own clicks.

Of course bronze membership also means you earn from your referrals on 2 levels and you get access to advertising credits, meaning you will have a starting package of credits every month to promote your own PTC and PTR ads! You also get a shorter timer, meaning quicker to click plus you get your banners viewed by others.

Don’t forget as a bronze, you’ll also get a % of whatever ad packages your referrals take out and a % of your direct referrals monthly fees! Thats what really starts to add up. No brainer.

Don’t miss out. There’s no point in being a free member. You need to log in and upgrade to a paid membership today and put yourself on a course for larger incomes. People are clicking like crazy and with the fear of loss page¬† (income -> downline stats), they’re going to see what they’re losing out on!

Compare and upgrade here

The higher the level you upgrade to, the higher the earning potential and the faster the income growth. I’m not going to encourage you to upgrade other than to say the bronze level is a no brainer because you’ll be in profit from the first month onwards (you’ll have to wait until you’ve earned over $20 to cash out though). You’ll see the different levels – pick one that you can comfortably afford even if you were making no income. But remember this, if you upgrade and click the maximum number of ads every day (10-20 mins work) and upgrade to Titanium, the real cost is only $25 per month. The real cost of the Gold is about $8-9 / mo.

If you want to calculate the other levels, look for the maximum number of ads per day, multiply by the ‘earnings per personal ad click (PTC ads) and multiply by 30 (days in the month). That’s how much you can earn to offset the monthly fee.

Don’t forget to pass this link (http://troywray.info/resources/make-money-with-clixzing/) to your referrals, along with a welcome message!

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