Traffic exchanges are really simple and if you’re not familiar with them then I suggest you read my free ebook Success With Traffic Exchanges – it will cover everything you need to know and more!

If you decide to use traffic exchanges to promote ClixZing then you’ll need credits. You can either earn these by ‘surfing’ (viewing other peoples’ sites) or you can buy them, either as one-off purchases or by upgrading and having a monthly subscription. Most traffic exchanges also give you a percentage of the credits your referrals earn – this can dramatically increase your credits every month but to make it work, you need a system that will grow your downline while you promote ClixZing – that’s what my site VitalViralPro does for you. I’ll cover that in a later page. If you’re new to traffic exchanges then the best thing to do is join one or two and get familiar with how they work. Join VitalViralPro later once you’re fully familiar with using traffic exchanges. As I said, this blog isn’t about pushing you into VitalViralPro – but it is a very powerful and popular resource with traffic exchange users.

If you decide not to upgrade or buy credits, you’ll need to spend some time daily surfing to earn your credits so this will have to become an additional task in your daily routine. If you read Success With Traffic Exchanges you’ll see you can be very efficient here by surfing multiple traffic exchanges at once – it’s easier than it sounds, trust me :-)

Once again, how much time you devote to earning credits is up to you and how aggressively you want your business to grow. You should be able to comfortably earn 500-1000 credits a day with an hours work even if you’re a free member of the traffic exchanges. A benefit of upgrading is that not only do you get a monthly credit allowance but you earn more credits for surfing. As a free member you may have to surf 2 or 3 pages to earn 1 credit. As an upgraded member you’ll be able to earn 1 credit per page view typically, increasing your credits you can earn in an hour to 2-3000.

With that many credits, you should expect to be able to bring in one new referral per day.


The page you should promote on the traffic exchanges is:    where username is your ClixZing username


Here are the first traffic exchanges I would recommend you try: (this list will change occasionally depending on the traffic exchange rankings)

Popular 1:1 Traffic Exchange HitSafari - Explore the wonders of great traffic




If you want to step up your traffic exchange advertising a gear then you should also join VitalViralPro. It will allow you to track, brand yourself and automatically build downlines in traffic exchanges – leading to free traffic for you. Here’s an example of how a ClixZing campaign looks when branded with VitalViralPro: (opens in a new window)

As you can see, you can brand the page, you can advertise other things (hedge your bets) or the banners and text ad could all promote ClixZing. Plus it will automatically track clicks on the main splash page.


Join VitalViralPro for free

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