Promoting with mailers is even more effective often than using traffic exchanges.

A mailer operates under the same principle as a traffic exchange (I’ll look at your website if you’ll look at mine) but using emails. All members earn credits by reading other members’ emails and then they can use those credits to send their own mailing to other members.

There are a huge number of mailers and I’m going to focus on the credit based ones.

In a non-credit based safelist or mailer there is no incentive for the recipient of a mail to open it unless the subject interests them. Credit-based mailers give members an incentive to open the email and click on the link within because they earn credits. Both types have their advantages. A credit based mailer gets you a much higher percentage of people opening your mail. On the other hand, they are generally opening it to earn credits more than out of interest – which isn’t to say they won’t be interested. So what you say in both the email and the web page need to grab their attention quickly.

The disadvantage is that you can’t really guage the true interest of other members because they opened it for credits rather than what the subject line said.

Non-credit based mailers don’t suffer that problem and if you get an open rate of 5% – that is a good response because people aren’t being incentivised to open it.

In a similar way to traffic exchanges, if you want to use mailers then you either have to buy or earn your credits. Earning credits is simply a case of opening each mail, scanning for interest, clicking on the credit link and then viewing a website for say 10 seconds (depends on the mailer). Once the timer expires, you earn your credits. So if you’re going to use mailers, you’ll need to either buy credits or read emails for a period of time each day.

Many people are reporting significantly higher conversion rates from mailers than from traffic exchanges. Once again, I’m in a good position to know because I co-own ViralMailProfits, a program that can be used to manage mailers easily and get much more efficient at managing and sending emails. It also includes open-rate tracking automatically. That means I see overall performance stats of a lot of mailers so I’m in a good position to know what to recommend.

What To Promote

Inside the ClixZing members area, under the welcome menu is promotional tools. On that page you’ll find well written emails all ready for you to use. You can just copyand paste that into any mailer you decide to use.

Here are the mailers I would recommend you start with. They all allow you to join for free, they all have some kind of log in offer when you first join. Obviously upgrading is worthwhile, especially on those that offer lifetime memberships. But if you’re on a shoestring budget then stay free and upgrade later when your income from ClixZing warrants it.

If you can earn enough credits in the mailers to mail every day to 500-1000 people, you’ll probably pick up one new ClixZing referral every day or two. You need to be in several mailers, especially if you’re free because as a free member you may only be able to mail every 3-7  days depending on the mailer (the frequency and the number of people you can mail gets more favourable the higher you upgrade, naturally)

Click Five Links, Gain A Mailer!

ViralInbox is not just a mailer – it’s a fantastic tool for helping manage your mailer emails. If you don’t join, I highly recommend you use gmail otherwise rather than a PC email client.


And here’s a banner for ViralMailProfits. As with VitalViralPro, you may want to get some experience using the mailers as they are to begin with  – rather than having to learn ViralMailProfits too. But believe me, if you start to get into using them a lot, ViralMailProfits will make life so much easier.

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