I’ve said the two basic tasks you need to do ‘daily’ – click ads and promote your referral link…

When I say daily, you could do it every other day, every 3rd day or twice a day. You could do promoting for 5 minutes or 5 hours. It’s your business, I’m not here to tell you how hard you should work – that’s entirely your choice.

All I’m doing is making sure you’re clear about the what and the how – the how much is your choice (of course :-) )

Task 1 – click your PTC ads

The first task – clicking the PTC ads – you should do daily, especially if you’re upgraded because you’ll offset most of your monthly fee (more than if you go bronze). Besides, clicking ads makes the business work for the advertisers and that’s good for us all. If you miss some days, no big deal but because of how the system works, you can’t miss a day and catch up the next – each day you miss will be a bit less income at the end of the month. But other than that, nothing bad will happen :-)

The how is easy – just click on the menu ptc ads -> view ptc ads

The main part of the page (ignore the adverts on the left) has boxes with links. Click on a link and you’ll see a new window open up with a timer in it. When the timer counts down, a captcha box will appear – you have to type the 6 characters into the box and hit submit (this is to prevent bots earning credits). Once you do that the main page will refresh and the advert you just clicked will show a 24 hour timer. You won’t be able to click that spot again for 24 hours.

Then just simply work through however many ads there are (up to your daily limit which depends on your upgrade level). Sometimes you may need to come back a few hours later to click some more – it doesn’t always happen that your whole daily allowance is there in one visit. So you may need to aim to spend 10 mins in the morning and 10 in the evening.

Task 2 – Promote your referral link

Here’s where you might be glad to have me in your upline…

I haven’t put these pages together as a sneaky way to promote my programs – far from it. But it just so happens I’m co-owner of 3 programs that are all aimed at helping people promote business opportunities more effectively. So I know a thing or two about promoting businesses like ClixZing with traffic exchanges and mailers.

If you’re already familiar with promoting online then just promote as you normally would.

If you aren’t familiar then the first two types of promotion I’d suggest are traffic exchanges (provided they allow PTC programs to be promoted) and mailers/safelists. If you’re not familiar with either or even both of these, don’t worry – you soon will be :-)

You can also promote very effectively on any of the social sites – blogs, facebook, twitter, forums etc – but don’t spam. If you’re not familiar with promoting on social networks, I’ll add some pointers later.

Click here for details of how to promote with traffic exchanges

Click here for details of how to promote with mailers

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