My name is Troy and you’ve been sent this link either by me or someone in my team. Welcome to the destinygroup ClixZing team!

This page is all about  how to reliably make money with ptc programs – there are hundreds of PTC programs and many of them are never going to make you more than a few dollars. But there is one program that stands towering above the rest in terms of income potential. Read on…

Why have you been sent this link?

Well it’s because:

  • 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1  = 1
  • 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 32
  • 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 = 243
  • 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 = 1024
  • 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 = 3125

“What on Earth am I talking about?”, you ask!

Well, those numbers represent different levels of duplication or activity occuring within your team. And the number after the = sign is how many people you would have on level 5. So in the first example, each person that gets sponsored brings in just 1 person.

In the second example, we assume that everyone that joins brings in 2 people and then stops. After 5 levels the total team size is 63 plus you.

What happens if everyone does double that and brings in 4 people. Your total team size would be 1364 + you.

And compared to that, if everyone could bring in just one more person – your team size would be 3905 + you !!!!!

A 25% increase by everyone leads to a massive 286% increase in your income – staggering huh? And if we extended those sums to the full 10 levels – well, you do the maths – the message will really sink in then :-)

So – why have you been sent this link? Because we want you to succeed and the surest way to succeed is for you to know you’re part of a team that is organised, successful and that everyone in that team works the same way – at least in a broad sense.

The reason I’ve put these pages together is that I have a fair amount of experience in businesses like this – i.e. Multilevel – both offline and online. And I know how to bridge the gap between what theoretically should happen (1 person refers 5 who each bring in 5 who each bring in 5 …) and what tends to happen in practice (1 person brings in 5 of which 1 brings in one more and it all fizzles out). You imagine 5 people independently going to the ClixZing site…one will probably read the ‘getting started’ steps and do them all (the exception), the next may take one look, decide it’s too overwhelming and never log in again. And all kinds of inbetween scenarios.

What’s inevitably missing when an MLM business fizzles out is that there was no duplication! And that usually stems from having no set system and therefore existing members don’t know how to explain what to do to their newly sponsored new members. What this site does is fix that problem.


If you sponsor someone there’s one thing that you must do if you want your business to succeed:

You MUST send them a personal welcome email. That email should welcome them, invite them to contact you if they need help (they rarely will) and it should give them the link to this page, explaining that it’s important that they read it AND ensuring that they understand that they must do the same when they sponsor new people (i.e. send them a similar welcome email with this link)  – or their business is far less likely to flourish!



Because it’s done for you, you have nothing to fear about whether you feel you could sponsor someone and help them succeed. As long as you pass them this link, they have everything they need to succeed.

This site ensures that everyone duplicates the basics. And because everyone is passing down this web page, there’s no danger of chinese whispers or people changing the system before they pass it on – which always leads to chaos (the exception is that if you reading this and have the experience and knowledge to do your own duplicable system then go for it. But why reinvent the wheel?)

In your welcome mail you should invite them to contact you if they have any questions. But should they ask you something you don’t know, ask your sponsor first. If they don’t know, they’ll ask their sponsor. And if you fail to get an answer, just contact me.

If I seemed to labour the issue of duplication, I’m sorry but it’s for good reason. Anyway, on to the program itself…

ClixZing is a PTC (Paid to click) program that is growing like crazy – and with good reason.

Their tagline is “ The Only PTC with Residual Income!” – and that makes it very powerful. With a payplan that is up to 10 levels deep, there is some serious income potential. As of now (May 2011), my sponsor is earning around $300 pm in residual income after just 7 weeks – that may not sound a lot to some of you but the growth is truly exponential – he has almost 10,000 people in his downline already – and he only introduced around 60 himself!! This really is how to make money with PTC.

Even if you’ve been involved in MLM (multi-level marketing) before, offline or online, those figures will seem extreme – 10,000 people (huge), $300 (small for that number of people?). Yet believe it or not, those figures are a phenominal indication of the power of this to make a solid residual income. Remember the ‘product’ is PTC and the majority of people will remain free initially, earning just 1c per click, earning their upline a fraction of that. This is all about a lot of people earning tiny amounts for you and believe me, 10,000 people in an online business is nothing.

But it’s why duplication is important. If even just 10% of the people you introduce follow our system, your income will grow massively over your first year, and significantly even over just the first 3 months.

If you don’t have personal experience of being in a growing MLM program, here’s how you can expect it to work:

When you first join, the only person who’s going to introduce people into your team is YOU! Ok, you may have a sponsor that decides to promote for you but don’t expect that – this is your business and if you want results then initially at least, you’re going to have to put in some effort. And you can think of that initial effort as building your foundations. Let’s say you introduce 10 people, only 2 of them are active and then you stop promoting and do nothing. And assume that pattern applies to those 2 active people – they introduce 10 of which 2 are active and so on. If everyone stopped after they found 2 active people, you’d have a downline of 1000 people over 10 levels. That isn’t going to generate a huge income.

But what happens once you have some active people that duplicate the system is sheer magic. Your business will take on a life of its own – you’ll watch your stats every day and you’ll see your referrals (level 1) start to populate level 2. Then as the level 2 people duplicate, level 3 will start to populate. And each level will soon have more people in it than the level above – the numbers representing the width of that level. Soon you’ll reach a point where you might be bringing in 1 new referral a day but your whole team is growing by 100 per day – and then 200, 500 per day. That’s exponential growth and it only happens if there’s duplication!!

The beauty of MLM is that after some time, your downline will grow even if you do nothing more! However, it’s a foolish person that relies on that and really sits back and lets others do all the work. Think back to the example I just described. If instead of finding 2 active people, you sponsored 20 and got 4 active people (but everyone else still only found 2) then after the same period of time (that for the business to grow down 10 levels) you’d have 2000 in your downline instead of 1000. Of course it’s double. But it’s 1000 extra people just because you brought in 2 more!!! That is a concept you must grasp.

Even more important is this concept:

Your foundation should be as wide as possible. The wider it is, the faster your business will grow – each active person eventually generates 500 active people in your business (in our hypothetical example) – that is what you call leverage!!

Your aim should be to get as many people into your level 1 and active and duplicating as possible. That means promoting the business, contacting any referrals with a welcome message and giving them the link to this page – partly to teach them and partly for them to be able to do the same with their referrals – that’s what creates duplication – and duplication is king in any MLM business.

I’ve created this page as a simple way for us all to pass to pass information to you and so that you can pass the information to your referrals and encourage them to do the same. This one is so simple and potentially lucrative, it’s very much in your interest to pass the link on ( :-)

This is the intro page – the details are on sub-pages below this one.

You can access more info through the sub-menus under articles -> make money with ClixZing but here are direct links too…

Rule #1 – Don’t stay free and here’s why…

Rule #2 – Stick to a daily routine

What to do in the daily routine and how to do it

All the best


PS this is my blog and while you’re welcome to subscribe to the newsletters on it, that’s not my intention – they appear for every visitor to the blog :-)
PPS These pages will get updated and added to but I’m releasing it now rather than wait till every page is finished – the most important pages are here.
PPPS There is lots more info on this blog that may be useful but don’t go there until you’ve read this section entirely or you’ll get very distracted :-)

Disclaimer: This page and it’s sub-pages are intended to help your team grow as efficiently as possible. The pages are not official, not endorsed in anyway by ClixZing and while very attempt is made to ensure accuracy, you should check important details on the ClixZing site. No responsibility can be accepted for inaccuracies on these pages or on any actions you take as a result of viewing them. The pages are produced in good faith and represent generic good practices plus some specific recommendations for building a healthy ClixZing team :-)

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