is a little different from most traffic exchanges in that you see adverts in text form and you decide which one you want to view next. Other than that you can treat it much as any other traffic exchange.

In other words, all of the advice on this page apply.

What is really important to understand with TrafficSwarm is that credits are deducted when your text advert is shown, whether or not the person clicks on it to view your site. Therefore, you absolutely must work on getting your advert as click worthy as possible.

If you get your advert performing well then your overall performance from TrafficSwarm will be excellent – it’s a very responsive traffic exchange.


What’s also really important with TrafficSwarm is that it has huge potential to bring you copious free traffic because it’s a multi-level traffic exchange – meaning you’ll earn credits not only from your direct referrals but their referrals and those referrals referrals – down 5 levels!! That can lead to a lot of free traffic (and commissions too).

I won’t put the exact details of how many credits you earn here because that kind of info is subject to change – but there’s an extensive FAQ in the members’ area.

You can earn up to an extra 30 credits a day by setting your browser home page to be the TrafficSwarm ‘Start Page’ – the page that shows the 6 or so text adverts.

Oh and when you click on an advert you earn credits – 2-6 for upgraded members. And look out for anti-cheat adverts – these will say clearly ‘do not click’

The monthly fee is high for a traffic exchange but you get a lot of credits for that – 2,500 and much more credit and cash earning potential.

(screen capture June 2011 – check site for up to date info)

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