If you’re here because I’m your sponsor in EasyDownlines then welcome – sorry if this seems a bit impersonal but I’m sponsor to a lot of people in a lot of programs and I can’t convey what’s on this page individually and personally to everyone. If you take on board what’s on this page first and then would like a personal chat I’ll be more than happy to help you, I mean that.

If we haven’t ‘met’ before and you don’t know anything about me then please feel free to explore the blog. Hopefully you’ll see that I’m pretty active online and have a lot of experience in downline builders :-)

I co-own 3 main websites and I was the creator of 2 of them (VitalViralPro and ViralMailProfits). My websites all have the same goal – to help people promote online. Whatever you’re promoting, my sites will help you. I’m not here to try to pitch you on those but the fact is I created them for a reason and they work.

If you’re going to use traffic exchanges then I recommend you check out this page after and make sure you read Success With Traffic Exchanges (a free PDF)

Stay/Get Signed Up

If you joined before about June 22nd then you may not be on my autoresponder. If you want help and advice from me you MUST be on the autoresponder. I can only make one contact by manual email and that’s to invite you here. Beyond that, I can’t track who’s been mailed what unless you’re on my autoresponder. That’s not me being awkward, I have to be practical.

So, if you received a confirmation/welcome email from me (via TrafficWave) then cool – you’re already signed up. If you joined after June 22nd but haven’t received an email from me, there may be a verification email sitting in your inbox or spam filter.

Otherwise, use the form below to sign up for the newsletter. Then I can communicate efficiently with you.




About EasyDownlines

Ok, so if you’ve explored EasyDownlines then hopefully you get the basic idea. It’s a downline builder – so internally it has links for multiple programs coupled with the ability for you to enter your ID for those programs. That means all you have to do is promote EasyDownlines and your referrals will be encouraged to enter their IDs in the various programs. You’re promoting 20 or so programs under one umbrella link – that’s the first benefit of a downline builder.

Another benefit is that EasyDownlines makes everything very easy, even for a newbie. The step by step training is just right for new-intermediate marketers. So you don’t have to teach your referrals, you just need to encourage them to work through the training.

Entering Your IDs

Before you start promoting EasyDownlines, you must enter as many IDs as possible. Some programs you’ll already be a member of and you just enter your ID.

Other programs you’ll need to join in order to get an ID. This is where it gets uncomfortable for me :-)

You have to believe that I don’t care whether you upgrade in a given program or not. I’ll make commissions if you do, I won’t if you don’t. You have to do what’s right for you and I have no agenda of trying to encourage you to upgrade.

What I can say is that all programs (as far as I recall but except for TrafficWave – see later) can be joined for free and you can upgrade later. The fly in the ointment is that these programs almost invariably try to tempt you with a OTO (one-time offer) right after you join. Those offers will always benefit in the long run (some may be lifetime upgrades for a one off fee, others may be heavily discounted monthly rates). But they’re called OTOs for a reason – if you decide to upgrade later, you’ll pay more.

You will have experienced that when you joined EasyDownlines. Quite apart from the lifetime offer, you could upgrade for $19.97/mo. If you turn that down to upgrade later you pay $29.97/mo.

Joining Programs You’re Not A Member Of

My genuine advice is that if you can easily afford it, upgrade. If you can’t then either: don’t join the program right now – wait until you can afford the OTO or simply join for free now and accept that you’ll upgrade later at a higher monthly cost when your income can cover the cost of the upgrade.

If you’ve been around the block and know what to expect, you’ll do the former because you’ll know that sooner or later it will pay back. If you’ve not got the funds or confidence and you want to try free first (or just leave joining it altogether for now) – all those choices are cool and I for one won’t apply the slightest pressure other than to say how it is – the pros and cons.

Anyway, before you start promoting EasyDownlines, enter all the IDs for existing programs, join any programs you choose to and enter those IDs.

If you’re not upgrading in anything yet then your first priority when you do start to upgrade is (in my opinion) should be TrafficWave. TrafficWave is an autoresponder and you’ll see later that the whole EasyDownlines system will encourage people to join TrafficWave below you.

TrafficWave don’t have a free option (they do have a 30 day free trial) and they’re $17.95 per month (I think, someone correct me if not – I joined a long time ago).

You can’t join TrafficWave until you’re prepared to pay the $17.95 per month (unless you take a leap of faith and signup for the 30 day trial).

In one sense there’s no rush. You can happily promote EasyDownlines without all the IDs populated.

Just know so that you’re not surprised later: your EasyDownlines referrals that join any programs that you don’t enter an ID for will be joining under the next person upline that has entered an ID. They will be lost to you for ever (for that program).

That’s again not to pressure you into joining, just so that there’s no misunderstanding.


Don’t Be Unethical

Under no circumstances should you join a program you’re already an active member of again just to be under a particular sponsor (regardless of what incentives they offer), nor should you encourage ANYONE to rejoin any program under you if they’re already a member. That is unethical and many programs will take a dim view and cancel your accounts.

Promoting EasyDownlines

EasyDownlines converts well both on traffic exchanges and in mailers/listbuilders/safelists.

If you have experience with those forms of promotion already then you’ll hit the ground running with EasyDownlines.

I’ve been getting referrals with splash pages and with the lead capture pages. My preference (not based on enough data to be sure) is for the LCPs – I prefer the idea someone can sign up for free info and then the system will follow them up several times in the future by email. It’s less immediate but a better conversion rate.

If you’re a member of VitalViralPro then you probably joined through one of my VitalViralPro campaigns e.g this one (if it shows a VitalViralPro promo page, refresh until it shows the EasyDownlines page)

VitalViralPro is an effective way to build any program because it is the premier downline builder for building downlines in traffic exchanges. To find out why that’s important, you should read Success With Traffic Exchanges (a free PDF)

I’ll be debuting another system here shortly so come back in a few days and see if this page has updated.


Being A Good Sponsor

Left to their own devices, of 100 referrals that you bring into EasyDownlines, 10% will probably upgrade and run with it, 20% won’t upgrade but will promote it and to the remaining 70% it will just gather virtual dust.

If you make contact with your referrals, those percentages may become 15, 30, 55. Totally made up figures to illustrate a point of course.

But if you take the trouble, money, time and effort to bring someone in to the business, you’re foolish if you don’t capitalise on that by also making contact with them. Don’t be scared. All you need to do is contact them with a friendly, “Hi, my name is Troy. Welcome to EasyDownlines, I’m your sponsor so I’m here to help. I’ve not long joined but if I can’t help, I’ll ask my sponsor. In the meantime check out xyz link.”

You’re absolutely welcome to use this page to refer them to or if you prefer, just encourage them to work through the training within EasyDownlines. Your call.

Some of the links on here are obviously mine so that’s ok for me using this page to you but you may not want your referrals to see them. That’s fine.

Use any of these services to be able to create a basic page and you can copy/paste/edit anything you find on here.

If you’re not in my downline and you’re reading this the same invite goes to you but please include a credit link to this blog or reciprocate in some manner, e.g. a facebook like to my blog

You can lead a horse to water…and you can offer help to your referrals. Some of your referrals won’t respond – don’t worry about it. It’s fine to contact them once more in a few days time as a reminder but then leave them alone. If they don’t reply after two attempts, anything more will be unjustified bugging and they’ll get annoyed.

Some people will say being their sponsor gives you a right to contact them – it does but not to pressure them. More than two contacts if they haven’t replied is pressure. One more gently worded follow up after at least a month might be ok – just to say “Hi, don’t know if you got my previous emails (I’m your sponsor in EasyDownlines). This is just to let you know I won’t contact you again unless you reply and want help, otherwise I’ll assume that you’re not intending to promote EasyDownlines.”

Being A Good Sponsor – Advanced

Remember I said your EasyDownlines referrals will be encouraged to join TrafficWave? Here’s why (and it’s something I highly recommend you do if you do join TrafficWave)…

In the training is a section showing you how you can have your referrals automatically added to your own autoresponder. While you can use almost any autoresponder, it’s highly beneficial to use TrafficWave. After all, if you’re promoting it but not using it, what message does that send out?

The procedure is step by step and actually rather easy – it takes around 5 minutes. You start by importing a pre-written series from the EasyDownlines system. But then you can modify and add very easily so that you control what your downline see. Don’t over do it but this gives you the opportunity to promote programs of your own, to get them into VitalViralPro or any program you choose (whether it’s already in EasyDownlines or not).


That’s all for now. Even if you think you know all about traffic exchanges, please do read Success With Traffic Exchanges – it’s been highly acclaimed by surfers and exchange owners alike.

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