Why Promote EasyDownlines?

People that know me know that one of my favourite words is leverage.

There are loads of ways to get leverage working online; if you use none of them, you’re likely to fail. If you use all of them, you’re going to succeed without question. And anyway, the more you always keep leverage in mind, the more efficient and effective a marketer you’ll be.

EasyDownlines scores high for leverage because:

  • It’s free to join – therefore easy to promote
  • It’s a valuable proposition for someone to join
  • It contains training – helping your referrals
  • It’s a downline builder – you get passive signups to other programs
  • You can get referrals on your own autoresponder (i.e. build your own list)
  • All your referrals are warm contacts – you can start building a relationship and ultimately suggest other programs
  • The downline builder is multilevel so you may get passive referrals from members of EasyDownlines you didn’t even introduce

That latter point is very powerful. Most people you refer won’t already be a member of every program in the downline builder. If you have your IDs in every program then if they join any programs, they’ll be your referral. And if they don’t? Well that slot will be empty for them so the next person in their EasyDownlines team that does join that program will be your referral!

How To Promote

One of the common ways to promote any program is on traffic exchanges. Traffic exchanges use up 1 credit to show your ‘advert’ so you want to be sure that your advert has enough value to you to justify the use of a credit. One of the big mistakes many people make is to promote things that don’t have enough value to justify being promoted exclusively.

However, when a program gives high leverage, such as EasyDownlines, it’s absolutely fine to promote exclusively. There are so many ways a referral can benefit you, it’s always going to be cost effective to promote, however you promote.

However, depending on your overall online business, EasyDownlines would probably still be classed a secondary program and you may well prefer to mainly promote something more ‘bizop‘ oriented. If that’s the case then normally what happens is that people promote their bizop exclusively and ‘forget about’ promoting their secondary programs.

Enter the concept of leveraged advertising.

With leveraged advertising, you promote more than one program with the same advertising. This can take many forms and without doubt, the most effective (if the programs are related) is to get vistors on to a list first and then to promote more than one program in the autoresponder email series.

If you aren’t, or don’t want to be, building a list then the next best strategy is to advertise two things on the same page – but not equally (that doesn’t work well).

You’ll have seen this every time you surf a traffic exchange – you’ll see main pages with some kind of banner bar (also known as header bar or viral bar), usually at the top.

This kind of advertising is a perfect way to continue to promote your main program in 80% of the screen space but to sacrifice 20% to promoting the secondary program.

The 20% is not enough to significantly affect the main advert – 80% is not much less that 100%. But the gain for the secondary program is huge – 20% instead of 0% !!

People sometimes question the wisdom of this – won’t the secondary advert take signups away from the primary advert? Typically not. Most people will only be interested in one advert or the other and statisically that means that you’ll get more benefit by promoting the combined page than you would promoting them individually. Because you’re essentially getting 2 views for the price of 1, you can afford for the primary advert to give 20% less response (though it may be less effect than that)

The easiest way by far, and a technique with its own leverage is to use ThinAirSignups. The great thing about ThinAirSignups is that it’s a downline builder too but also that it’s so simple that you’ll be able to suggest to your referrals that they use it. What happens then is that whereas most referrals you introduce won’t do much promoting (for the same reason I gave earlier, it’s not their ‘bizop’ and it gets forgotten), with ThinAirSignups it’s so easy to promote EasyDownlines while promoting their main business, they may as well.

ThinAirSignups is designed to be zero friction, or as close to as possible; meaning there’s no learning curve to speak of and they don’t even have to join to use it (though it’s beneficial to, as you’ll see).

Here’s my url for promoting EasyDownlines with ThinAirSignups:


I can add any regular url after the myurl= to create a complete leveraged advertising page. Say I want to promote ListAblaze today. Here’s the full url:


If I wanted to promote my traffic-splash referral link I’d use:


Try them both. Notice the first part is the same. Just add any website you like after your ThinAirSignups link – couldn’t be simpler.

Look at one of those links again. Notice the viral bar? It has a graphic advert on the left that gives the visitor a free ebook, peppered with my (or your) affiliate link for EasyDownlines. The center regular banner is a straight link to EasyDownlines (will be your affiliate link of course). The right hand text advert is something special!

When you promote your page, some visitors may already be EasyDownlines members. So what value is there to you? Well if you were promoting EasyDownlines only (like the left hand and central adverts) there would be none. But the right hand advert is effectively promoting ThinAirSignups itself  to your visitor !!

If they want to promote EasyDownlines in the same way, they’ll enter their EasyDownlines ID and get the same kind of link you did. But inside ThinAirSignups, they’ll see your referral links for other programs!!

That is why ThinAirSignups is in itself viral and high leverage.

To join ThinAirSignups now and get your unique link for promoting EasyDownlines, just go here

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