Welcome to [insert affiliate program here] – how personal is that huh?

Seriously though, at this point, I don’t know exactly why you’re on this page but I assume it’s because you joined a program via my link – making me your sponsor.

The fact that I sent you to this rather impersonal page doesn’t mean I don’t care about you – far from it. Most sponsors don’t even send their new referrals a welcome email at all and that’s something I care about a lot!

My specific problem is that because of the nature of my online business, I passively get lots of referrals each and every day. What do I mean by passively? Well it means I wasn’t explicitly trying to get a referral in that particular program, the person probably just hit one of my landmines (by the way, most of the hyperlinks you see just take you to a glossary – hit back to come straight back here). A landmine (a term coined by Russell Brunson) is an affiliate link that you ‘deploy’ so that people will stumble across it. I’ll teach you lots of ways to deploy landmines.

Nevertheless, I am still the sponsor of those passive referrals and I have a duty to be a good sponsor and help them achieve their agenda.

So back to you…

Because I get multiple referrals per day (I can definitely help you do that too), I need to work with a degree of efficiency. Consider this page a bit like an answer machine – I’m not a 24/7 robot, I have a life outside business and the stark reality is that the majority of referrals just join program after program and never seem to intend to do anything with any of them. “Oh, that one looks like too much work, let’s try the next”

By asking people to kindly visit this page, they can find out anything they want to know about their new sponsor and if they’re so inclined, they can contact me. Or, if they (you) prefer, you can just browse around the site and help yourself to anything that’s of use to you – there’s a lot!

By working this way, I find maybe 5% of people I sponsor actually contact me. That’s great – if someone contacts me then they’ve shown themselves willing to take action and I know time spent with them will be worthwhile. If they don’t contact me, hopefully it’s because they’re experienced enough not to need personal contact and/or they are happy just to make use of some of the resources I offer.

A quick ‘about me’

A quick word is in order to explain why you might find me to be a very useful sponsor: I’m experienced with many years online, been fulltime for over 2 years, created and own or co-own several websites (all aimed at helping people, not selling) and I care passionately about helping people succeed. I don’t look at you as potential $s – I look at helping people, knowing that sooner or later, some of them will upgrade somewhere in one of my programs that they find useful.It doesn’t matter to me whether you do personally because I know overall enough do to take care of my income needs.

To me that’s a fantastic way to run a win-win business. I have to make money but to do it by helping others rather than just selling things is cool – it aligns with my mission. Doesn’t have to be your plan – I have nothing against selling. It’s just not my plan.

So…I appreciate you, even though I don’t know you yet. I hope I will know you soon because you’ll contact me and just introduce yourself and we’ll take it from there. In the meantime, here’s my advice to get the most from this site initially…

How to use this site

Firstly, I am gradually builing up my ‘I’m your sponsor in…’ pages. Those pages take the ‘answer machine’ approach a bit further by giving people specific help and advice on specific programs. When that’s complete, I’ll be a fairly good sponsor – but I still depend on people proactively contacting me if there’s to be a personal relationship. Not everyone wants that anyway :-)

Secondly, I need to find a way to teach you what I know (that’s one of the responsibilities of a good sponsor) but in a way that’s most appropriate to the program you joined. Often that can be generic; if you joined a traffic exchange then there’s obviously a lot of commonality – hence I have some generic traffic exchange training pages. Some programs however might demand a more specific strategy and so that’s where the program specific pages are useful.

Thirdly, I can teach you about how to get the most from a specific program – if that’s all you’re interested. But I can also teach you a complete, solid strategy for succeeding online that can be your foundation and you can then add to that to suit you. That strategy is moderately simple, is well proven, guaranteed to work but it doesn’t have the glitz of the ‘overnight riches’ programs. I teach you how to generate dependable, growing residual income that you grow as slow or as aggressively as you like. And it’s just the solid foundation to your business – it doesn’t stop you adding any other things to the mix. A strong foundation guarantees your success.

Right now it’s best if you contact me if that’s the kind of advice you’d like because I’m not sure this site is finished and polished enough to be sure it’ll guide you to the right parts.

Safest advice is for you to explore the blog, starting with the pages for the specific program (if they’re there yet) then broadening out to some of the other info on the blog. And contact me.

This graphic is out of date but most of what I want you to find is under the resources menu.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to helping you succeed.


PS I have tried to keep these pages fairly free of my affiliate links. Whether or not I’m your sponsor, please feel free to send your referrals to these pages.


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