Here’s a tip that must save me hours over the course of a year – I call them WorkSpaces

I am a definite minimalist when it comes to toolbars. I use Firefox 5 almost exclusively and I have 4 rows of essentials visible:

  • The tabs
  • The address bar
  • Bookmarks toolbar
  • The essential, couldn’t live without Roboform toolbar

I use the bookmarks toolbar to quickly bookmark. I also have folders on their to try to file stuff in roughly the right place as I go along.

The tip I wanted to share (in case you don’t already do it) is that of WorkSpaces…

I have a folder on my bookmarks toolbar called workspaces and under that I have other folders named by project or task. Frequently for a given project I need to open a number of web pages every time I want to work on that project. So I’ll open up all the tabs I need every time, create a new empty folder under workspaces for the project and then I’ll bookmark all the pages (tabs) I have open in that folder.

Now when I open my browser and I want to work on that project I can just open the appropriate bookmark folder and click ‘open all in tabs’ – bingo, I’m ready to work!!

Combined with roboform I can be ready to work on a project or task in seconds.

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