As the trend towards video continues unabated, we’re going to lose more and more time watching videos.

In the good old days, you could read information – and speed reading was a useful skill. Then video started being added to pages. Now, many pages only have a video!

Though we can speed read, we can’t speed watch a video – even if we have a video player that supports playing at different speeds, the audio rapidly becomes unintelligible.

This is where this great tool comes in. Enounce MySpeed lets you watch videos faster and it cleverly processes the audio so the audio is at a natural tone (pitch) – only in time with the video. You can readily watch many videos at 1.5-2x normal speed and still get perfect comprehension.

The program is easy to install and then whenever you go to a page with video on, the speed control pops up. It works with every type of video I’ve tried on every site, including all regular sites plus YouTube and facebook videos.

Enounce MySpeed 5

MySpeed 5


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