This was a cool project!

In late November 2009, I took an idea that I’d had for a long time and made a prototype site. I took the site to a well known marketer, Paul Kinder and asked if he was interested in partnering. He was. That was December 4th.

December 17th we launched ViralMailProfits!! That was one intense couple of weeks.

The launch went really well, the whole site was very well received and despite not having pushed the site hard since then, it’s grown to well over 16,000 members (Oct 2010).

ViralMailProfits lets you manage your mailer promotions. You can store all your emails and subject lines as templates to be easily called up whenever needed and it tracks mails you send. It also keeps track of when you can mail again.

Unlike TrafficZipper, it doesn’t send the emails out for you, you still have to log in. But the ability to save templates more than makes up for that!!

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