In the most general terms, VitalViralPro is a downline builder. A downline builder helps you build downlines (teams of referrals, direct and indirect) and in the case of VitalViralPro, that means primarily downlines in traffic exchanges and list builders.

VitalViralPro is very effective – if you use or plan to use traffic exchanges and/or list buildersthen you will benefit greatly from incorporating VitalViralPro into your strategy because it will help you leverage your time and effort enormously.

The main philosophy behind VitalViralPro is that it’s always of benefit to you to have a downline in any traffic exchange or list builder – that way you get extra credits or benefit from the efforts of the people you’ve introduced. Without using a downline builder, it’s not easy to build downlines in many programs at once but with VitalViralPro, it’s way, way easier!

With many traffic exchanges and list builders, even having a few referrals can make a big difference to the effectiveness of your advertising.

Get a free account at VitalViralPro today and see what it can do for you!

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