Traffic generation is a core skill in internet marketing. There are hundreds of ways to generate traffic. Some of them are free and some aren’t. Some work quickly, others take weeks or months to work.

Browse through the categories below to get an idea of some of the ways to generate traffic and then find articles via the Articles Menu above.

  • Search Engines

    One way to get traffic is by making sure your website appears amongst the first few pages of search engine results – preferably near the top of the first page. This is not luck – there are techniques for improving the ranking of your site in the search engines. In fact on this site there’s a whole section devoted to the topic.
  • Pay Per Click

    There’s virtually no quicker way to generate traffic than by using Pay Per Click (PPC). This is where you pay to appear in the search engine paid results. The best known example is Google AdWords adverts (the adverts that appear on the right in the search results), also known as sponsored links.
  • Traffic Exchanges

    If you’re on a tight budget, traffic exchanges can be a way to get low cost traffic to your site. However, the traffic isn’t so targeted and may not suit the product or site you’re trying to promote at all. They can be good for branding and list building though or any products or services that are about advertising, traffic generation or making money.
  • Article Marketing

    Article marketing can be a great source of traffic and the great thing is, it works in multiple ways. Find out more…
  • Social Networking

    In this context, social networking is any kind of interactive medium or site where you can ‘plant’ a link back to your site. Find out about the many different ways you can do social networking…

Traffic Generation Resources

  • Search Engines
  • Forums
  • Traffic Exchanges
  • Paid Advertising
  • Link Directories
  • Article Marketing
  • Many more…

Some Further Resources

Banner Networks or Exchanges

You can pay to have your banner shown on another site or a network of sites or you can do banner exchange where you show banners on your site in return for your banner being shown on other sites. Banner advertising is quite cheap because it generally doesn’t have a very high conversion rate.

Newsletetr / Ezine Advertising

You pay to put an advert within an email, newsletter or ezine that someone else sends to their subscribers. If you find the right list, this can be very effective.


Don’t. Just don’t. If you see a service that will send your advert to millions of people, don’t even consider it. You’ll be blacklisted so quickly you won’t know what’s hit you. People who spam millions of people and make money are always doing it illegally and they’re usually caught and heavily prosecuted.

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