ExplosiveTraffic is a traffic co-op owned by John Bell and launched in May 2012.

General Principle

Members display their co-op page on traffic exchanges (typically) and earn credits. In return, their page(s) are shown on other members’ co-op pages.

Why would you want to do this and not just promote your own pages on the traffic exchanges you use? Well one good reason is if you want exposure to as many different people as possible.

If you promote your business on the same 5 exchanges day in day out, some of the regular surfers are going to become immune to your page (on the other hand, some surfers might buy because they’ve seen it being promoted continuously for a month so it must be good). And there are always new surfers joining, sure. I’m not here to argue the relative balance of that effect.

But by adding your site to a co-op, you get a much wider exposure (but ‘thinner’) for your site.

So by earning your credits to pay for the co-op on just say 5 traffic exchanges, your site gets shown on hundreds of different traffic exchanges. You’re not gaining page views, you’re just spreading those views thinner across more traffic exchanges than you could reach on your own.


You can join explosive traffic for free and almost immediately start getting your site seen on completely different traffic exchanges.

When you join and enter your member area, you have two main tasks:

  • Promote your co-op page to earn credits
  • Set up the sites you want shown in the co-op

If you join for free, you must earn all your credits. Here’s the first thing you should be aware of. You earn 1 credit for each unique showing of your page. That generally means a different visitor on a different exchange. If the same surfer sees your page twice, you only get 0.5 credits for the 2nd and subsequent showings.

This means that your exchange rate will be less than 1 – something to bear in mind if you want to remain free. The way to maximise the uniques is to surf exchanges with large memberships.

If you take the OTO which is a very reasonable $35 for 1 year then you get 12,000 credits and you earn 1.5 credits per unique show of your co-op page (0.75 per non-unique)

Now you should easily get an exchange rate of at least 1. Even if you get an exchange rate of 1.1, that’s 10% extra credits for your surfing – not to be sneezed at.

You also earn 50% commissions on referrals’ upgrade fees.


Should you join?

If I’m truthful (which I will be) you’ll think I’m just trying to get you to upgrade – but work it out for yourself…

It depends on your budget. I’m not sure I would wholeheartedly recommend joining for free if you intend to earn your credits (rather than buy them), simply because of the adverse exchange rate. And while you could join for free and upgrade after you try it out, you won’t get as good an upgrade deal ($4.95 / mo, 1000 credits) as upgrading for $35 for the year .

If you would rather buy credits then you can join for free but again, the OTO would give you more credits than you’ll be paying once you join for free and start paying.

You can buy credits for less than $5/1000 ($44.95 for 10,000) so you could choose to join and buy credits knowing your site will be seen on hundreds of exchanges.

I hope this review helps you. I’ll be updating the review in due course when I have more data on stats such as delivery rate.

If you do choose to join, here’s my affiliate link again: explosive traffic



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