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  1. Lola

    I’m the quiet copywriter type. I’ve never been terribly cotmrofable presenting, so I tend to let the AD take the floor and add support when needed. Don’t know if that makes us the exception to the rule, but it does give our concepts a lot more hope of getting through…


    love and light x VB x.” Having designed everything from her signature sheath dresses and denim to sunglasses and even Range Rovers, Victoria has quickly become well-versed in the world of


    This case is beautiful, I really love it and have received many compliments on the case. However I own a mint Samsung N310 which has a rubber like covering and I’ve noticed the black from the inside of the case has stained the sides of my netbook and will not come off. I plan to order the white and mint print to this as it does protect my netbook and is thin enough to slip into my bag.

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    I am LCDR ALEX C PUZON of the 106th Squadron of the Phil. Coast Guard Auxiliary (PCGA) based in Quezon City. I would like to inquire where can we get a copy of the Landslide & Flood Susceptibility Map of Quezon City Quadrangle to help us in our Search & Rescue Plan for Quezon City in case of Flooding.

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