The mention of creating their own product makes many people freeze with fear. On the other hand, the rewards can be amazing. So just what’s involved?

Well there are many types of products you could create, from a short ebook or report through to a full-blown piece of software or a membership site. The possibilities are endless and if you can create a product and get other people selling it for you – you’re on to a winner.

In this section I cover some of the facets of creating your own product – drill down through the categories below:

  • What kinds of products can I create?

    Reports, ebooks, websites, graphics, membership sites, articles, software, blog templates, keyword lists, services, scripts…the list is almost endless… more
  • Creating an ebook

    An ebook is one of the simplest products to create and you may already have the tools on your computer to do it… more
  • Creating Graphics

    There are many people who are great technically but suck at graphics. These people either employ a graphic designer or they look to buy graphics for what they need. If you’re talented at creating graphics, you can create products people will buy… more
  • Membership Sites

    This is my favourite business model by far – you create some kind of site that people pay a monthly fee to be part of. Of course you have to provide new value every month to justify the monthly fee. It could be content based or a service… more
  • Website Flipping

    If you’re good at creating websites, you could create websites for the sole purpose of selling them to someone else – a process known as flippingmore

The Benefits Of Creating Your Own Product

  • The fame and prestige :-)
  • The possibility of having affiliates sell for you
  • Maximum profit
  • Understanding the process means you can ‘rinse and repeat’ – do it over again
  • Credibility
  • Possibly long term income from one product – add more and increase your passive income

Some useful resources

Monthly content sites

These sites have a limited membership to try to keep the products fairly exclusive. Each month you get some new product or content that you can take and make into your own product to sell… more

Ebook creation software

You can turn a word document into a PDF file or you can use one of the many ebook creators out there… more

Training / tutorial resources

Here are a few sites that may be of help if you’re planning to create and sell your own products… more


There are many forums where you can find out a lot of information for free… more

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