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Blogging is fantastic. It was always possible but in the earlies days, someone would manually create new web pages representing their posts. These days, fantastic software and services exist that allow anyone to run a blog even if they have next to no technical experience. If you can write, you can blog. In fact there’s blogging software for people who Can’t write but can speak.

People create blogs for different reasons. Many are individuals who like to maintain a public ‘diary’ of their actions or thoughts. Many are businesses that use them to announce things to their staff or customers. And then many are used for marketing where they have huge benefits.

The History of Blogs

In the early days of blogging, they weren’t known as blogs, they were called web-logs or simply weblogs. Allegedly someone broke up the word differently as ‘we blog’ and hence the term blog was coined.

The earliest example of the concept of a blog was in 1984. Today there are probably 120+ million blogs and that’s just the ones that are known about!

Blog – Uses

  • As a personal diary recording actions, events, thoughts – much like a private diary
  • For announcements
  • For seeding discussion and debate – someone blogs and allows others to comment
  • For getting feedback from users

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Marketing Benefits

  • Writing product reviews so that an affiliate link can be put promoted
  • Writing keyword related posts for getting ranked highly for that keyword on search engines such as Google.
  • Search engines love blogs. Search engines reward sites that are regularly updated and blogs fit the bill

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Blogging Software

  • Hosted such as blogger
  • Self-hosted, the most common by far being WordPress (WordPress powers this blog)
  • Blog can be made to look more like a conventional website (like this blog)

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Blogs For Marketing

Anyone who is intending to market online will benefit from having their own blog. The benefits are many, many fold.

This blog is called troywray.info because I’m interested in promoting me as a brand and as a person that can be trusted, knows what they’re talking about and provides valuable information. TroyWray dot com is my most central site, the one place I can send someone to where they could access everything else I’ve created. The main place where I blog to build up volume of pages in the search engines.

By making my blog useful, I get other people linking to it – thereby increasing it’s ‘popularity’ rank on the search engines – very important. And as more people link to my blog from their blog (or other sites) so I get visitors to those sites coming to my site to take a look. Then they might bookmark me or subscribe.

As time goes on, I get almost instant traction in Google for any keyword I choose to target. Because Google likes blogs because their content changes regularly, it means it spiders (indexes) my site regularly. Thus any new site I link to will quickly get picked up too.


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