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Bum Marketing Methods

bum marketing

Bum marketing is about generating money from thin air i.e. with no or very little outlay. It’s all about having some kind of sales funnel like a small site with affiliate links and then finding various free ways to get traffic to that site in the hope that some of it will convert.

So you have to have a funnel that converts first of all. These days there are so many free resources around that anyone can make a small site that looks somewhat professional even if it’s not going to win awards.

Article Marketing

article marketing

Article marketing is a great way to build traffic to your site. It works in a number of different ways but the idea is that you write an article where the author bio, the resource box at the end, contains a link to your site with some kind of attractive tagline.

Then other people who are looking for articles to put on their site will find your article in an article directory, put it on their site, including the link to your site. So your site has gained a backlink and it will also get some traffic directly via the link.

Forum Marketing

forum marketing

Forum marketing is free and again can be very effective – it just takes time and effort. The idea is that you join relevant forums and participate in discussion threads. You don’t plug your site in your post but your signature has a link to your site.

Again, this generates you backlinks and traffic. There is something to look out for with this and that is the issue of nofollow. Many forums and blogs have all their links set to nofollow. What this means that Google will find your site because of the link and it will know you have a backlink but it will ignore it. However, you will still get traffic from people that follow the link. Forums and blog owners do this to make it less attractive for spammers to leave spammy comments and posts. I may expand on this in the future but you should be able to find plenty of free information on Google.


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