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Building an authority site is far more of an undertaking than a mini-site. If you understand the concept of the depth of a niche, e.g. golf might be level 1, golf club might be level 2, golf woods would be level 3, golf No 3 woods would be level 4 and so on. So a fairly tight niche might be golf 3 woods. In the mini-site you would create a site around golf 3 woods. For an authority site you would go up a level and make your site around golf woods and then have sections for 3 woods as well as 1 woods and 5 woods. You could also widen the authority by traversing up the niche as far as golf clubs generally and then having sections for woods, irons, putters. And need I say, you could go up further and have sections on golf clubs, golf balls, golf caddies etc.

If you went to that extent, you would have dozens of pages and you would start to look like an authority site. If the quality of information was good then you’d also start to get natural and genuine backlinks and over time, your website would rank in the search engines. But there are already lots of golf related sites, so it wouldn’t be easy. You would have to regularly add new content, regularly get new back links, do forum marketing and other social networking and the results might be worth it. But it’s a big undertaking and you have to know that the niche will be worth it.

Having an authority site is great. You’ll get a lot of organic traffic that isn’t costing you anything. You don’t have to worry about the profitability because there is no advertising cost involved. You’ll also be building a mailing list from which you can make backend profits. And the variety of traffic you get will mean that you can mine your own logs to find what keywords people are using to get to your site – valuable data because you can then start to create pages that target those keywords specifically.

There’s no end to what you can do if you want to become an authority site. You could feature interviews with golfers, you could create an up to date news section, a leaderboard, anything to give the site stickiness.

The other thing that you’re doing in building an authority site is dominating more and more of the keyword space. So if you’d already got a page optimised for graphite drivers and you find people are coming to your site having searched for Big Bertha Graphite Drivers (where you might have been number 17) then you know you should do a new page optimised for that term. Don’t be tempted to add the term to an existing page. Create a new page. Next time that term is searched for you’ll be closer to the top and your search volume will go up.


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