Affiliate Marketing is selling other peoples’ products for a commission by becoming an affiliate for the product or company. As it doesn’t require you to create your own product, it’s one of the easier and quicker ways to get started making money online.

Browse through the categories below to get an idea of some of the aspects of affiliate marketing. Then locate articles by looking under the corresponding Articles Menu above.

  • Finding a product to promote

    Choosing the right products to promote is a key step in affiliate marketing. This section will help you choose the right products… more
  • Promoting via pay-per-click PPC advertising

    Promoting via PPC adverts such as Google Adwords is the single, fastest way to get up and running. You need the right knowledge to make sure your system is profitable… more
  • Building a mini-site

    In order to try to attract search engine organic traffic, you can build some kind of site around the product you’re trying to promote. This takes time and may only be worth it once you’re convinced your product converts well enough… more
  • Building an authority site

    Taking the concept further than a mini-site, you can build a complete authority site either at the niche level you chose or one up – depending on complexity… more
  • Bum marketing

    Use articles, forums and social tools to drive traffic towards your affiliate link… more

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