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I’m a programmer, owner (or co-owner) of several sites (all aimed at helping people promote online) and I’ve been online marketing one way or another for 5 years or so.

My sites are VitalViralPro, ViralMailProfits, AffiliateFunnel and ThinAirSignups. I was the creator of all except AffiliateFunnel and Paul Kinder is co-owner on all except ThinAirSignups.

I live in the UK and I do internet marketing full time. My aim is to keep learning and sharing methods for making money online. My main business model is primarily membership websites and some promotion of relevant affiliate products and programs. I also actively use all my own programs to build my referrals and I live and breathe the strategies I teach people.

My mission is to become successful through helping other people become successful.


More Detail

I was born in Gloucester in the UK where I was educated up to ‘O’ levels. I then moved to North Wales where I did my ‘A’ levels and an electronics degree.

I was employed in various research and development roles around the country but around 2000 I started doing offline network marketing in my own time as a means to supplement my income. I also began using the internet as a means to advertise and in 2006 I also began joining and using online programs. In December 2006 I launched my first site, VitalViralPro (it was actually just VitalViral when it first launched).

In December 2009 I launched my second site, ViralMailProfits with Paul Kinder.

In June 2010 Paul & I decided to ‘merge’ swap shares in our respective programs VitalViralPro and AffiliateFunnel so at that point we became equal partners in all 3 sites.

In June 2011 I released ThinAirSignups.

I’m always happy to be contacted:

By phone (UK business times only please) on +44 (0) 1452 537498

By skype: troy.wray

By email: destinyplus (@) gmail (dot) com

I can also be found on various social networks e.g troywray on twitter and facebook but I am not guaranteed to respond via those media.

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  1. Troy

    You’re welcome – though I’m at a disadvantage – how have I helped specifically ? :-)

  2. Franciska Inglic

    I live in Slovenia, am retired . Hoping on your help and your advices I probably will working with success. Of course I expect to earn little income. Awaiting your emails. My problem is of course communication. I prefer emails because my english speaking is weak.

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