This is my ‘portal’ – a place where you can find out who I am, what I do and what I’m involved with. It’s also my blog – it’s just that my posts are not the first thing you see (if it’s my ramblings you wanted, just click on the Blog menu above or click here)

You’ll also find many useful resources for internet marketing which I try to add to as and when I get time.

My main site, because it was the one I developed first has to be VitalViralPro. Launched on my birthday in December 2006, VVP has evolved into an incredibly powerful site for anyone using traffic exchanges. In October 2010, Paul Kinder became my joint partner. Currently VVP has 30,000+ members and is responsible for showing 100,000 members’ pages per day approximately.

The next site I developed was ViralMailProfits. This site is very similar in concept to VitalViralPro but it’s aimed at mailers rather than traffic exchanges. I partnered with Paul Kinder before launch (this was our first partnership, before VitalViralPro). ViralMailProfits has over 16,000 members currently and we are just about to launch an inbuilt, fully custom mailer of our own.

My third site, AffiliateFunnel was not developed by me. I became a joint partner in October 2010 when changes in ownership made it perfect timing for me to become involved.

Once Paul and I became partners on these 3 sites, we became the only owners to have such a suite of programs with such complementary positions in the marketplace. The future holds some exciting possibilities as we begin to exploit and capitalise on the synergies of these programs.

There’s a lot of information on this site to help particularly newcomers get started (though it’s a great central resource for more experienced marketers too!). All of the information is broken up according to the categories below to make it easier to find what you need.

  • Affiliate Marketing »
    Selling other peoples’ products is an easy way to start for many people. Find out the skills and tools you need…
  • Product Creation »
    Creating your own product sounds exciting but daunting. It needn’t be too difficult if you know how to get started…
  • Traffic Generation »
    It’s all well and good having a site but without traffic, it may as well be invisible…
  • The Bigger Picture »
    Having a good overall strategy may seem unnecessary to begin with but it’s well worth planning ahead…
  • Bloggs, Social Networking & Web 2.0 »
    You need to build you as a brand and social tools are the name of the game…
  • Search Engine Optimisation »
    Whenever you do anything online, it’s worth considering search engine optimisation (SEO)…
  • Bum Marketing »
    You read right – how to make money with little or no investment…
  • Video Marketing »
    Video is becoming increasingly important in marketing. Find out more…


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